Thursday, January 28, 2016

Worst worst experience with Bangkok Airways from Mumbai (BOM) to Yangon (RGN)

I did travelling today from Mumbai (BOM) to Bangkok (BKK) and Bangkok (BKK) to Yangon (RGN).

  • Bad experience started from the time i entered to Mumbai International Airport T2. Flight was delayed by 45min but no information communicated to me. Missed my dinner because of this.
  • Around 50+ people were standing  in queue including senior citizens to get tickets and baggage check-in at T2 from 9:45 to 10:45. Crew members were very slow, earlier only 2 people giving ticket then around 10:30 couple more joined.
  • During all this time special ticket counter was open for privileged customers but very less people served there. It was just open for namesake.
  • I got my ticket around 10:45pm and thought flight will depart at same time but no.. It was further delayed.
  • I reached to Bangkok, since flight was delayed i had only some time to get in connecting flight to Yangon
  • While boarding in PG 701, i specifically asked crew members please check whether my check-in bag has arrived. They said yes without checking. 
  • And final bomb, when i reached Yangon, they said your bags has not arrived, they are still in Bangkok.  I was seating at Airport for almost 5:hrs. just for my bags.
Though this bad experience few good things were: In flight food was good, one crew members specifically came to pick us at Bangkok and helped to get at connecting flight.

Definitely no Bangkok Airways next time !!

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