Thursday, January 28, 2016

Worst worst experience with Bangkok Airways from Mumbai (BOM) to Yangon (RGN)

I did travelling today from Mumbai (BOM) to Bangkok (BKK) and Bangkok (BKK) to Yangon (RGN).

  • Bad experience started from the time i entered to Mumbai International Airport T2. Flight was delayed by 45min but no information communicated to me. Missed my dinner because of this.
  • Around 50+ people were standing  in queue including senior citizens to get tickets and baggage check-in at T2 from 9:45 to 10:45. Crew members were very slow, earlier only 2 people giving ticket then around 10:30 couple more joined.
  • During all this time special ticket counter was open for privileged customers but very less people served there. It was just open for namesake.
  • I got my ticket around 10:45pm and thought flight will depart at same time but no.. It was further delayed.
  • I reached to Bangkok, since flight was delayed i had only some time to get in connecting flight to Yangon
  • While boarding in PG 701, i specifically asked crew members please check whether my check-in bag has arrived. They said yes without checking. 
  • And final bomb, when i reached Yangon, they said your bags has not arrived, they are still in Bangkok.  I was seating at Airport for almost 5:hrs. just for my bags.
Though this bad experience few good things were: In flight food was good, one crew members specifically came to pick us at Bangkok and helped to get at connecting flight.

Definitely no Bangkok Airways next time !!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

एसटी हिरकणीच्या नावाखाली लुटालुट

एसटीने स्वारगेट ते ठाणे non-stop बससेवा सुरु केली आहे त्यात इतके काही त्रास आहेत पण एसटीला ग्राहकांना लुटुन स्व:ताचा खिसा भरायचा आहे.

खालील त्रासदायक गोष्टी
१. अतिजलद/non-stop च्या नावाखाली विनाकंडक्टर गाडी प्रत्येक थांब्याला १५ ते २० मिनिटे टिकिट काढायला प्रवासी बसण्यासाठी थांबते. स्वारगेट ते वाकडच्या मधे असे ८ थांबे आहेत. यासाठी एकुण १ तास तरी गाडी अशीच थांबते. याव्यतिरिक्त फुडमाल ला गाडी २० ते २५ मिनिटे  थांबते. अशाप्रकारे ३ तासाच्या पुणे - मुबंई प्रवासाला ४ ते ५ तास जातात.

चला ही झाली एकबाजु पण याव्यतिरिक्त पैशाचीही लुटालुट

२. याचे टिकिट चे मशिन असे आहे की तुम्ही कोणत्याही थांब्याला  बसा वा उतरा टिकिट  फक्त एकच १९५/-
मग तुम्ही स्वारगेट ला बसुन कळंबोलीला उतरा (ज्याची नाहीतर तिकिट १३० वैगेरे असते)  किंवा वाकड ला बसुन ठाण्याला उतरा (ज्याची टिकिट १५० वैगेरे असते)  तुम्हाला  १९५/- रुपयेच द्यावे लागतात. हि लुट का हे मला अजुन तरी कळाले नाही.

कंडक्टरला विचारले तर ते म्हणतात मशिनच असे बनवलेय आता प्रवशांनी दाद मागवी तर कुणाकडे? आणि जर तेच टिकिट तुम्ही इंटरनेट वर बुक केले तर बरोबर पैशाचे टिकिट मिळते असा भेदभाव का?

अशाप्रकारचे त्रास वोल्हो बससेवेसाठी पण आहेत पण अजुन पर्यंततरी काहीच बदला झाले नाही.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

MHADA has assigned FLATS to wrong income group in Adv. April 27 2013

  My comments on MHADA advertisement

  There is major problems and errors while defining income groups and assigning flats to these groups.


MIG (Middle Income Group) - 20001-40000/-

Flats available for MIG groups:
16. Vinoba Bhave Nagar Kurla: Total Cost : 43Lacks
20. Charkop Kandivali - Total Cost: 53L
21, 22, 23, 24 - All above 40L

Now, it will be big mistake to think that person earning between 20-40K monthly can buy Flats costing above 40L.

Lets take for example if person earning 40K monthly. Maximum loan eligibility for this person is around 18Lacks rupees.

It means he should have around 26L in hand cash to buy this flat.
If MHADA is expecting this from common man. I think they can find only handful person with this economic condition.

Before mapping any FLAT to any particular income group MHADA should think for what is max purchase capability of this income group. 

After the advertisement i can confidently say, this adv. is not for common man. There is basic problem is assigning flats to proper income group.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anna Hazare in apaki adaalat about Lokpal Bill

        Saturday night (18th June) while watching TV suddenly saw Anna Hazare on India TV in apaki adaalat and it was about lokpal bill so even my fingers not allowed me to change channel i saw the whole episode. Thought it better to share some of the points i noticed with you all.
        It was really good interview and questions asked were really interesting.  Anna Hazare cleared most of the doubts very easily and explained there intention behind Lokpal. They want to enforce some real control by General public on Govt.
    I noticed 3 points very clearly from the discussion on Lokpal bill those are as follows.
1) If public road in front of your building/house if not getting repaired or work is not happening properly for that. Any person can complaint about that to Lokpal comity.
    Lokpal comity will have the rights to call Govt. employees involved in that and can take immediate action on them.
2) Presently we do not get most of the govt. certificates without giving bribes or it take indefinite time and we need to waste so much time from our busy life for getting those certificates.
     It is very difficult to give proofs for such illegal action or behaviours.
     Lokpal bill plan to introduce some time period for each certificate processing.
     If person do not get certificate during intended period, he/she can complain about it in lokpal and lokpal can assume since it is taking more than expected time there are chances of some unethical behaviors and will take action on officers involved in process.
3) Anna Hazare raised one more point about election process He said
     If there are 10 candidate available in election, in election machine there must be 11th button for saying we don't want to vote for any one of these.
    If votes for this 11th button is more than 10% whole election for that ward must be repeated with the fresh candidates.
    I think with this process candidates and party will know the true power of election process of democracy will bring good well educated and people interested in social work for elections. May be after that lokpal bill can take care if something wrong happen with such candidates :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

nice marathi drama Meter Down (मीटर डाऊन)!!

६ जुलै २०१०!!
खुप दिवसानी नाटक बघन्याची इच्छा झालेली, नशिबाने पुण्यातच Meter Down चा प्रयोग होता.
खुप मित्रांना फोन केला email केला पण कोनीही तयार होईना, एकतर त्यांनी कधी नाटक पाहिले नव्हते आणि working day बुधवारी बाहेर जाण्यात ते बिलकुल तयार नव्हते.
शेवटी मी पन् प्लान cancel केला. पण luckily राहुल S. ला त्याच्या relatives कडुन दोन free pass मिळाले आणि drop झालेला plan punha start झाला.

आम्ही ८:३० pm ला प्लान ठरवला आणि ९.०५ ला पिंपळे सौदागर मधुन निघालो
अगदी वेळेवर म्हणजे ९:३०pm ला बालगंधर्व ला पोहचलो पण काही तरी लग्न् समरंभा मुळे नाटकाला उशिर झाला.. असो

१०.१५ ल नाटक चालु झाले.

Image from Sakal New Paper

नाटक खुप सुरेख आहे. विशेष म्हणजे नाटकातल्या कलाकारांच्या आयुष्यावरच हे नाटक रचले गेले आहे.
दोन मुली जागे अभावी चार मुलासंगे खोली share करायला तयार होतात, प्रत्येकाचे वेगळे आयुष्य, वेगळे विचार, ambition's

नाटकात विनोद आहे , विचार करायला लावणर्या गोष्टि आहेत,आणि छान संदेश ही आहे.

"जर आपला ध्येय गाठण्यासाठी जर आपण चुकीचा मार्ग निवडला तर शेवट पण चुकीचाच होतो"
"जर आपला ध्येय गाठण्यासाठी जर आपण बरोबर मार्ग निवडला तर सुरुवातीला त्रास होतो पण शेवटी ध्येय गाठण्यासाठी त्याचा फायदा होतो, शेवट गोड होतो. "

I am surely recommending all people to watch this drama if you get a chance.

I really not able to contribute much to there hard work from moneterial side, since i got the free ticket, this blog in lieu of that ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

why i started this blog?

we regularly do many things for our enter10ment, like watching movies, TV shows , Roaming somewhere, Games, reading book, listening music. Mostly we discuss these things regularly in our office mates, friends.

but how about opening it to on web it can really help to many people to know how they can enter10 there self. Might be somehow we can also get there view and might be with sharing same experience on blog we can save someone from moving to wrong place @ wrong time.

may be we can open-up new ideas of enter10ment so this is just idea behind starting this blog post.

Donno how much post i can do but lets see how it goes, but i would like to post things related to mine enter10ment here regularly :)