Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anna Hazare in apaki adaalat about Lokpal Bill

        Saturday night (18th June) while watching TV suddenly saw Anna Hazare on India TV in apaki adaalat and it was about lokpal bill so even my fingers not allowed me to change channel i saw the whole episode. Thought it better to share some of the points i noticed with you all.
        It was really good interview and questions asked were really interesting.  Anna Hazare cleared most of the doubts very easily and explained there intention behind Lokpal. They want to enforce some real control by General public on Govt.
    I noticed 3 points very clearly from the discussion on Lokpal bill those are as follows.
1) If public road in front of your building/house if not getting repaired or work is not happening properly for that. Any person can complaint about that to Lokpal comity.
    Lokpal comity will have the rights to call Govt. employees involved in that and can take immediate action on them.
2) Presently we do not get most of the govt. certificates without giving bribes or it take indefinite time and we need to waste so much time from our busy life for getting those certificates.
     It is very difficult to give proofs for such illegal action or behaviours.
     Lokpal bill plan to introduce some time period for each certificate processing.
     If person do not get certificate during intended period, he/she can complain about it in lokpal and lokpal can assume since it is taking more than expected time there are chances of some unethical behaviors and will take action on officers involved in process.
3) Anna Hazare raised one more point about election process He said
     If there are 10 candidate available in election, in election machine there must be 11th button for saying we don't want to vote for any one of these.
    If votes for this 11th button is more than 10% whole election for that ward must be repeated with the fresh candidates.
    I think with this process candidates and party will know the true power of election process of democracy will bring good well educated and people interested in social work for elections. May be after that lokpal bill can take care if something wrong happen with such candidates :)

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  1. If filing of complaints is made that easy, there would be so much of piling of complaints, a significant portion of which may be irrelevant and significant other may be intentional misuse (denial-of-service attack in IT terms), it would make the job of so many lokpal executives very difficult and inefficient. Further there is no way to prevent lokpal from misusing his powers at any level. Since complaining against lokpal is also so over-simplistic in Anna's view that it would also fall down due to the same reason.

    As far elections are concerned, the 11th option is not so easily provided because it encourages lethargy on the part of voter and the % is also higher to prevent misuse of the same facility by means of politically motivated lobbying. 10% cannot decide what other 90% have already approved. We cannot generalize and expect that only these 10 were the sincere ones just because they opted out of voting while rest of 90 were blind fools.

    While making complaint is a necessary provision, the system has to ensure that the complaints are automatically filtered for legitimacy. This makes Anna's proposals utterly impractical.